The Ball Brothers Band is a group of wild boys 'from back in the day.'
It seems we still like 'scratchin' that itch.'
It's mostly a 'fun thing' these days but the boys take it serious deep down.
When we all get together it just rolls.

The band is made up of Scott "Guitah" Kennagh, Ronny Mills on drums,
Clay Abbott on bass and Kenny "Wayne" Howard on the gold-top Gibson.
I get to sing some of my favorites and do my best to keep up.
Oh yeah, I also try to remember most of  the lyrics, of course.
Best recent compliment overheard at a show:
"Can you believe these boys are from right around here?"
Stop by and enjoy some high-mileage rock with the Ball Brothers Band.
Check my calendar to see where we're playing next.
Brad Hooper
Photos by Erik Peterson • EM Images